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About Us

"No Right or Wrong, Just Right and Left"

"Master Gelo's Martial Arts" is a self-defense system that blends, Kenpo Karate, Modern Arnis and Qigong (Tai Chi) classes for adults and children.

At Master Gelo's Martial Arts we create transformations in our students by providing positive motivation and guidance that allows for growth of the Mind (Mi), Body (Shin), and Spirit (Rei).

It is our goal to give each student the confidence to walk away from any altercation but at the same time instinctive techniques that restrain,counter or disable those who want to do them harm.

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Arnis Escrima conditioning
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Eskrima = Modern Arnis - The Professor, GM Remy the founder of Modern Arnis. The man who made it all possible.
Vintage Footage of Remy Presas Demonstrating how to submit an opponent with an armbar using escrima sticks.